Monday 2/11/19
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Monday 2/11/19

This is the first day of a new training cycle. I’m excited to see how everyone responds to this program. I’ve been experimenting with these strength workouts over the last couple of months, and they are incredibly demanding. The focus of this program is building lean muscle mass and increasing muscular endurance. To this end, we are using fixed weights on the bar and timed lifting superset intervals. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are going to be lift days–we will do 2 moderate load compound lifts each day, supersetted with a lighter weight movement, with limited rest between sets. The reps and loads will change over the Tuesday will be a long light weight chipper circuit, and Thursday will be a longer 3-5 round heavy metcon.

As always, it is helpful if you come to class prepared: read the workout description before you get to the gym and try to understand what is expected for your level. Also, remember that you can always ask your coach for modifications because of injury or in order to tweak the program to your personal goals–that said, if you want modifications, please show up on time, prepared, with some clear concept of what you’re trying to accomplish, and ask the coach for help either before class or during a break (not 3 sets into the workout).

0:00 – 10:00
Jump Rope/Quick Feet 3 minutes
Instructor Mobility

30 minutes (15:00 – 45:00)

A. 15:00 – 27:00

Level 4

8 Back Squats at 185/155#
16 Toe-Touch Push-ups

Level 3

8 Back Squats at 155/125#
14 Toe-Touch Push-ups

Level 2

8 Back Squats at 135/105# (Or sub double kettlebell squats)
12 Toe-Touch Push-ups

Level 1

8 Double Kettlebell Squats
12 Toe-Touch Push-ups

B. 30:00 – 42:00

Level 2-4

8/8 Farmer Step Ups
12 Ring Rows

Select a weight that is challenging but doable. No one should fail any reps because of lack of strength or endurance.
Most L3/4 men should be able to handle 16k/35# per hand or more. L3/4 women 12k/25#. Go heavier or lighter as necessary but remember it’s your workout, make the most of it.

Level 1

12 Ring Rows
8/8 Goblet Step Ups

45:00 – 50:00
Workout Prep

50:00 – 60:00

(10 minute cap)

Levels 2-4
10-15-20 Alternating Single Arm Plyo Sumo Deadlifts
15-10-5 Single Kettlebell Push Press per arm (finish all reps on one arm before switching)

L4 – 24/18
L3 – 20/16
L2 – no rx

Level 1
10 Alternating Single Arm Plyo Sumo Deadlifts
5/5 Push Presses

Level 0
per coach’s instructions