Monday 11/23/15

Monday 11/23/15

Holiday Hours:
Wednesday: Full schedule. Gobble Jog race packets available for pick up between 5 & 8 pm. 
Thursday: 9 am CrossFit. Gym opens at 7 am for Racers to warmup and ground personal belongings. Members only may park at the gym for the race. 
Friday: 10 am CrossFit only.
Saturday: Full Schedule.

As we launch into Thanksgiving week, consider this: Research shows that feeling grateful doesn’t just make you feel good. It also helps – literally helps – the heart.

A positive mental attitude is good for your heart. It fends off depression, stress and anxiety, which can increase the risk of heart disease, says Paul Mills, a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. Mills specializes in disease processes and has been researching behavior and heart health for decades. He wondered if the very specific feeling of gratitude made a difference, too.

So he did a study. He recruited 186 men and women, average age 66, who already had some damage to their heart, either through years of sustained high blood pressure or as a result of heart attack or even an infection of the heart itself. They each filled out a standard questionnaire to rate how grateful they felt for the people, places or things in their lives.

It turned out the more grateful people were, the healthier they were. “They had less depressed mood, slept better and had more energy,” says Mills.


Jump Rope 3 Minutes

3 Sets R/L
Single Kettlebell Warmup Flow

**note the different rep scheme**
5 Swings
5 Clean + Presses
5 Snatches
(after the 5th snatch)
1 Reverse Getup


5 x 1 @ 90-95%

Levels 0/1
5 x 10
Double Kettlebell Squats


“Little Baby Squirrel”

12 Minutes AMRAP
Levels 3/4
12 Thrusters
12 Toes to Bar
48 Double Unders

L4 – 95/65
L3 – 85/55, 24 DUs

Level 2
10 Double Kettlebell Thrusters
20 V-Ups OR 10 T2B
100 Single Unders OR 24 DUs

L2 – 2x 16k/12k

Level 1
5 Single KB Thrusters R/L
20 V-Ups
100 Single Unders