Monday 11/25/19

Monday 11/25/19

Last week was our deload, but rather than start a new program during a short holiday week, we are going to test max effort strength in the main three lifts. All levels will be working on TWO REP MAXES. This means the heaviest weight you can possibly lift for exactly two reps–if you could have done three, it’s not a max; and if you only get one, you overreached.

Monday will be Squat; Tuesday, Bench Press; Wednesday, Deadlift. Lower levels and kettlebell lifters will work up to FIVE REP MAXES.

The Gobble Jog is Thursday (obviously) and we’d love it if everyone participating would wear a MVMNT t-shirt to show your gym pride. Friday we will be hosting one partner workout at 9:30.

0:00 – 15:00
Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility
Hip Activation Drills
Technique review


Levels 2-4

15:00 – 40:00

Back Squat OR Front Squat (your choice)
Spend 20-25 minutes working up to a TWO REP MAX
(if you need more time to hit your limit that’s fine, you can take the entire class period if necessary)

Then, after about five minutes, perform one set of squats for MAX REPS at 70% of your heaviest.

Level 1

15:00 – 40:00

Double Kettlebell Squats
Spend 20 minutes working up to a FIVE REP MAX

Rest and then perform one set of squats for MAX REPS at 75% of your heaviest set.


40:00 – 55:00

Sled Push
Load up a heavy sled and push for 20 yards. Rest until your heart rate comes back down and repeat until time is up (5-8x should be plenty)

55:00 – 60:00
Hip Flexor and quad stretches, figure 4 glute stretch