Friday 8/2/19

Friday 8/2/19

0:00 – 12:00
Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 20:00
Deadlift Prep:
Stretch band Hinge
Single Kettlebell warmup reps
Technique review
Warmup sets


Levels 2-4

20:00 – 35:00

Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy triple. This should take 4-5 sets.
Monitor your time–the class moves on regardless of how much time you waste being unprepared to train. 

35:00 – 40:00

Then, within five minutes, perform the following number of Deadlifts at 1.25% of bodyweight (or 80% of your heavy triple–go with whichever is the lower weight) in AS FEW SETS AS POSSIBLE. These are NOT touch-and-go reps; no bouncing–the bar should settle on the floor every rep.

L4 – 20 reps
L3 – 10 reps
L2 – 10 reps

If you hit your reps in one unbroken set last week, then you should go 5-10# heavier this week (try to increase your heavy triple set as well).

Obviously the goal is to complete the reps in one set. But you should NOT fail any reps. If you can’t get them all unbroken, just set the bar down and do another set after resting a minute, until you’ve hit your required number. Ask your training partners to check your set up position and keep you honest. If you can’t keep your spine in neutral for the entire lift, ask your coach how to address the issue: spinal segmentation practice, abdominal bracing, hip mobility, deadlift technique practice, or just sucking it up. No participation trophies here, this is training for grownups: if you do the work, you get the credit; if you don’t, you know what you need to do. 

Level 1

20:00 – 35:00

5 sets (roughly E3MOM)
6 Double Kettlebell Farmer Deadlifts (increase weight each set if possible)

35:00 – 40:00

2 sets
10 Double Kettlebell Farmer Deadlift (use 75% of your heaviest set)


35:00 – 45:00
Kettlebell Practice:
Clean and Push Press

45:00 – 60:00

“Police and Thieves”

3 Rounds for Quality

Levels 3/4

3x through the following circuit (right side only):
5 Single Arm Row (bilateral stance)
3 Clean and Push Press
2 Snatches
1 Reverse Getup
10 Divebomber Push-ups
3x through the following circuit (left side only):
5 Single Arm Row (bilateral stance)
3 Clean and Push Press
2 Snatches
1 Reverse Getup
10 Pull-ups

Level 2

As above, except substitute 10 Hindu Push-ups (divebomb through, come back like a down dog push-up), and box assisted pull-ups when necessary.

Level 1

As above, except substitute 1 Reverse (Overhead) Lunge for the Getup (only if the Getup is too difficult) 10 Downdog Push-ups and box assisted pull-ups