Friday 6/7/19

Friday 6/7/19

Apparently this past Wednesday was National Running Day so happy belated National Running Day, MVMNT!
The Hill That You Love To Hate. #SessionsSt

I ran for an hour on a treadmill, indoors, the only scenery two TVs in front of me, one showing an alarmist news commentary show and the other a cooking show designed around (I believe) a diet plan to fast-track you to coronary artery disease. That sucked. Give me my muddy, snowy, road up the hill by the freeway any day.

0:00 – 12:00
Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 20:00
Deadlift Prep:
Hip Hinging
Floor Bridge
Single Kettlebell Deadlift hover with lat activation
Technique review
Warmup sets

15 minutes E3MOM (20:00 – 35:00)

Spend FOUR seconds lowering down to the bottom position, hold for TWO seconds with the bar hovering off the ground, EXPLODE up to full hip extension as fast as you can, ONE second reset at the top. PERFORM EACH REP AT PRECISELY THIS TEMPO or you will have to go down in weight.

Levels 2-4

5 Romanian Deadlifts (from a narrow stance, start the exercise with the bar at the hips, keep the hips higher than on a conventional pull from the floor, the bar comes down to a few inches off the floor)

L4 – 205/155#
L3 – 175/125#
L2 – 145/95#

Level 1

5 Double Kettlebell Farmer Grip Romanian Deadlift (narrow stance–keep feet a few inches apart

As always these are suggested weights. Tempo training should make light weights feel much heavier. Remember the purpose of this training is to see how perfectly you can maintain form throughout the entire range of motion of the lift; this is not limit-strength training.

35:00 – 45:00
Technique practice:
Lunge (glute/hip dominant variant, not quad focused)
Chin-up (palms in)

45:00 – 60:00

5x E3MOM

Level 2-4

10/10 Double kettlebell/dumbbell Reverse Lunge (can use a 6″ box or 45# plate to elevate the front foot to increase ROM)
<X> Strict Chin-ups (NO BANDS, NO KIPPING)

L4 – 2×24/2×18, 10 Chins
L3 – 2×22/2×16, 8 Chins
L2 – no rx, 6 Chins

Level 1

10/10 Goblet Reverse Lunge (or bodyweight only)
6 Box assisted Chin-ups (NO BANDS – stand on a box to unload some of your bodyweight)


If you’re planning to train tomorrow, you shouldn’t do this part of the workout.
(after class, may be done at home if you want)


**when your time slows by 20% or more, you are done: i.e., if your first run is 14 seconds and by your 4th run it takes you 18 seconds, don’t do anymore, you’re just training yourself to be slow at that point**

100 yard sprint repeats (rest 60-120 seconds between efforts)
20 yard heavy sled push (rest 60-120 seconds between efforts)