Friday 12/14/18
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Friday 12/14/18

Mark your calendars! Come hang out with us next Thursday at Two Birds Taphouse on the square at 7pm. Meet the rest of the MVMNT community and let’s hang out 👋
To allow time for festivities, on 12/20 and 12/21, we’ve adjusted the schedule. We will have a Functional Fitness class at 5:30pm on 12/20, but there will be NO 6:30pm class on the day of our Holiday Social (12/20). The Friday 6am class on 12/21 will be cancelled as well. Normal schedule resumes at 9am.

Exercise as Medicine
Take it often and you’ll live a longer, healthier life.
You’ll sleep better.
You’ll be more productive at work.
You will have better moods.
And your risk of almost all chronic disease drops.
This medicine works for any age and, if done correctly, has few or no negative side effects.
Take your medicine, MVMNT.

0:00 – 5:00
3 minutes Jump rope or Quick Feet/Jumping Jack Drills
PVC Drills

5:00 – 12:00
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 17:00
Kettlebell Jefferson/Suitcase Deadlift Warmup
5/5 Single Arm Sumo Deadlifts
5/5 Suitcase Deadlifts
Jefferson Deadlift practice

17:00 – 40:00

Levels 2-4

3/3 Barbell Jefferson Deadlift
3/3 Barbell Suitcase Deadlift
10/10 Chainsaw Rows
30 Second Downdog

Level 1

5/5 Jefferson Deadlifts
5/5 Suitcase Deadlifts
10/10 Chainsaw Rows
30 Second Downdog

Level 0
Follow individual instruction from your coach.

40:00 – 45:00
Movement Practice and Workout Setup

45:00 – 55:00

(10 minute cap)

Levels 3/4
20 Dynamic Lateral Lunges
4x Double Kettlebell Swing/High Pull/Snatch

L4 – 24/18
L3 – 20/16
L2 – no rx

Levels 1/2
12 Dynamic Lateral Lunges
3x Swing/High Pull/Snatch per arm

Level 0
per coach’s instructions

57:00 – 60:00
Tabata Pull-ups (3 minutes)
6 sets – 20 seconds max reps followed by 10 seconds of recovery

If you can’t do pull-ups, just hold on to the bar for 20 seconds instead to build grip strength