Friday 1/25/19

Friday 1/25/19

Mario will teach a Krav Maga Workshop on Saturday, Feb. 9! This workshop will be appropriate for seasoned veterans and those new to Krav Maga.  Feel free to let your friends know! 
$25 members
$40 for non-members
Workshop runs from 1-3pm. 

🥊🥊🥊 Also, our new Kickboxing class starts Saturday, Feb. 2 🥊🥊🥊
This class will fall under the regular rules for your membership. So unlimited members can take the class as they would any other class. If you’re a 3x a week member, then the kickboxing class would use up one of those classes.
You will need your own jumprope and boxing gloves for Kickboxing.
Kickboxing times are:
Saturdays @ 10:30am
Tuesdays @ 11:30am
Thursdays @ 11:30am

So many fitness options!

We still have 5 weeks of the Whole Life Challenge left (I’ve lost 5 of the 10 holiday pounds I’ve gained soooooo I got that going for me which is nice). If you’re looking for a big change, why not try something new and join our team for the Whole Life Challenge? You’ll have the weekend to make good food purchases and get rid of all that added sugar and processed stuff in your pantry. And if you need support, you have a dozen of us also doing the Challenge ready to help you out.

I’ve been reading The Daily Stoic the last few days, so for Friday Fun, I’ll leave you a quote: “It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.” – Marcus Aurelius
(Get out of my head, Marcus Aurelius!)

0:00 – 12:00
Run to Sessions 2x
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 25:00
Toes to Bar Practice
Overhead Position Screen
Hollow/Arch on floor
Controlled Swing on bar (hollow/arch)
Knee tuck
Kipping Knee tuck

25:00 – 45:00

Levels 2-4

5 Sets (E4MOM)
3 Power Cleans (increase weight each set)
5 Strict Pull-ups

L3/4: work up to 85-90% of 1RM on the last set, C2B pull-ups
L2: ABOVE THE KNEE HANG POWER CLEANS, add weight only if technique is good

Level 1
20 minutes

5 sets (E4MOM)
8 Double Kettlebell Farmer Deadlift
5/5 Dead Cleans
10/10 Single Arm Rows

45:00 – 50:00
Workout Prep

50:00 – 60:00

Levels 2-4

Push Press
Box Jump

L3/4 – 95/65, if you put the bar down before all PP are complete, perform 5+ burpees before picking it back up (add 5 burpees each time)
L2 – 75/55, same penalty as above

So if I drop the bar after 12 presses, I perform 5 burpees then pick it up again, drop it after 10 more presses, now I perform 10 burpees, then finish the set and go on to box jumps. The first time I break up the second set of presses, I have to do 15 burpees, and so on. Good luck finishing this one!

Level 1

6/6 Single Kettlebell Push Press
6 Burpees
12 Box Jumps