Wednesday 9/19/18

Wednesday 9/19/18

Level 1/2 Test: Mark your 📆. On Monday, Oct 1st @ 7pm, we’ll be having another Level 1/2 test. Hurry and get this one in before the holidays start!
As always, register on Mindbody.

Making $Unilateral$ Moves: We’ve been doing some unilateral exercises in the gym for the past few weeks (egs. front rack carry, waiter walk, kb bottoms up, bulgarian split squat, etc and etc). Unilateral exercises engage primarily one side of your body to move weight – often challenging your flexibility, stability, and core strength.
Why do we do them? Unilateral movements go beyond sheer strength, they mimic how you move in real life.
For example, when you pick up a child (a human child, a dog child … ), how often do they end up on one side? All the time! Your “non-working” side is still working. Your abs and obliques are there to stabilize your torso.

Master unilateral training, and you’ll move better in and OUT of the gym.



Jump Rope 3 Minutes
Instructor Mobility


“Shot in the Dark”

25 Minute Limit

Levels 2-4

100 Double Unders
25 Overhead Squats
25 Burpees
15 Muscle Ups
25 Burpees
25 Overhead Squats
100 Double Unders

L3/4 – 115/80
L2 – 95/65

Levels 0/1

25 Minutes AMRAP

20 yd Broad Jump
5/5 Push Press
5/5 Single Arm Squats
10/10 Single Arm Rows
10 Burpees