Wednesday 7/11/18

Wednesday 7/11/18

5 Bar Meet is THIS Saturday. Friends and family are more than welcome!
There is NO Functional Fitness class at 9:30am on Saturday. If you’re working out at the gym on Saturday, you’re in the 5 Bar Meet getting some PRs!

Level 0/1, please come out and support your MVMNT fam and volunteer! We’ll need people from about 9am til noon.


The first part, the Clean:
The barbell is centered horizontally on the center of the competition platform. The athlete takes the start position behind the barbell. The athlete grips the barbell and bends at the knees. The barbell is gripped, palm downward and pulled in a single movement from the platform to the shoulders, while either splitting or bending the legs. During this continuous movement upward the barbell should remain close to the body and the barbell may slide along the thighs. The barbell must not touch the chest before it stops at the final position either on the clavicles, chest or on fully bent arms. The athlete’s feet must return to the same line and the legs must be fully extended before starting the Jerk. No part of the body other than the feet may touch the platform during the execution of the Clean. The athlete may recover in his / her own time and must finish with the feet on the same line and parallel to the plane of the trunk and the barbell.

The second part, the Jerk:
The athlete must become motionless after the Clean and before starting the Jerk. The athlete bends and dynamically extends the legs and arms simultaneously to move the barbell upward in one motion to the full extent of the arms, while either splitting or bending the legs. The athlete returns his / her feet to the same line parallel to the plane of the trunk and the barbell with his / her arms and legs fully extended. The athlete waits for the Referees’ signal to replace the barbell on the competition platform. The Referees give the signal to lower the barbell as soon as the athlete becomes motionless in all parts of the body.

Before the Jerk, the athlete may adjust the position of the barbell for the following reasons:

  1. a) to withdraw or “unhook” the thumbs
  2. b) if breathing is impeded
  3. c) if the barbell causes pain
  4. d) to change the width of the grip

The barbell adjustments noted above are not considered to be an additional attempt at the Jerk.

Incorrect Movements for the Clean

  • Resting or placing the barbell on the chest at an intermediate point before its final position producing a “double clean”; often referred to as a “dirty clean”.
  • Touching the thighs or the knees with the elbows or the upper arms.

Incorrect movements for the Jerk

  • Any apparent effort to jerk which is not completed; including, lowering the body or bending the knees.
  • Any deliberate oscillation of the barbell to gain advantage. The athlete must become motionless before starting the Jerk.


  • Uneven or incomplete extension of the arms at the completion of the lift.
  • Failing to finish with the feet and the barbell in line and parallel to the plane of the trunk.
  • Failing to fully extend the knees at the completion of the lift.


Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Down dog Push-ups

Kettlebell Complex
Right Hand:
5 Swings
5 Clean and Push Press
5 Snatches
1 Reverse Getup
Switch and repeat with Left Hand.



Level 2-4

E4MOM – 24 Minutes

6 Squat Cleans
12 Box Jumps
50 Double Unders

L4 – 155/125
L3 – 135/105, 25 DUs if you can’t string them
L2 – at least 75/55, 10 DUs if you really struggle (at least 1 minute of DU practice per round)

Level 0/1

AMRAP – 20 Minutes

5 Double Kettlebell Clean + Squat
10 Box Jumps
120 Singles