Wednesday 3/14/18

Wednesday 3/14/18

At just over the halfway point, here are your top 10 standings in each division.

Male Rx
1Matt Delockery115(259 reps)3(8:51)2(235 lbs)1(427 reps)
2Joseph Elliott122(276 reps)5(10:11)3(225 lbs)2(424 reps)
2Stephen Burroughs123(273 reps)2(7:56)1(240 lbs)6(220 reps)
4Cope Rowell161(276 reps)8(10:31)4(225 lbs)3(349 reps)
5Andrew Pankopp186(248 reps)1(7:39)6(195 lbs)5(220 reps)
6Juan Banda247(210 reps)6(10:16)7(185 lbs)4(220 reps)
7Lee Howard284(267 reps)4(9:28)9(180 lbs)9(750 reps -s)
8Matt McGee328(245 reps)7(10:21)5(205 lbs)12(–)
9Guido Jessen4111(150 reps)10(11:00)8(185 lbs)12(–)
9Mark Adams (M)4112(296 reps -s)9(10:59)10(155 lbs)10(762 reps -s)
Female Rx
1Amy Pellerito81(269 reps)2(9:15)3(135 lbs)2(222 reps)
2Ivy Perkins102(248 reps)4(9:41)1(155 lbs)3(220 reps)
2Patrice Pollock (M)103(243 reps)1(8:15)5(95 lbs)1(230 reps)
4Kristy Younker144(217 reps)3(9:22)2(140 lbs)5(220 reps)
5Shannon Bohannon185(210 reps)5(10:01)4(135 lbs)4(220 reps)
6Hilary Woods246(191 reps)6(101 reps)6(0 lbs)6(808 reps -s)
Male Scaled
1Graham Wickham41(325 reps)1(6:46)1(195 lbs)1(11:56)
2Alex Glaros143(306 reps)3(8:54)6(150 lbs)2(917 reps)
3Courtney Morrison165(287 reps)5(9:54)3(175 lbs)3(809 reps)
4Bill Benedict176(285 reps)4(9:23)2(175 lbs)5(708 reps)
5Billy Miles187(283 reps)2(7:42)5(165 lbs)4(796 reps)
6Chris Depasquale192(306 reps)6(10:12)4(175 lbs)7(–)
7Ben Rust254(299 reps)7(10:56)7(105 lbs)7(–)
8Will Chappell308(210 reps)8(84 reps)8(0 lbs)6(431 reps)
Female Scaled
1Kimberly Knipe81(337 reps)2(7:41)2(145 lbs)3(766 reps)
2Nicole Pankopp134(299 reps)4(8:18)3(135 lbs)2(807 reps)
3Yessi Banda152(314 reps)1(7:07)4(125 lbs)8(220 reps)
4Liz Meehan196(289 reps)3(8:17)5(115 lbs)5(463 reps)
5Khadijah Franklin237(288 reps)9(8:56)1(150 lbs)6(229 reps)
6Niki Lemley293(300 reps)10(9:08)7(112 lbs)9(220 reps)
7Denise Sanders3115(184 reps)6(8:46)6(115 lbs)4(717 reps)
8Annie Gibson348(279 reps)8(8:54)8(85 lbs)10(220 reps)
9Jen Willis3610(258 reps)5(8:44)14(45 lbs)7(221 reps)
10Jen Delockery385(293 reps)16(–)16(–)1(830 reps)

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series

Kettlebell Warmup: 3x
5/5 Halos
1/1 Turkish Getup
5 Downdog Push-ups


Kettlebell Snatch:

5/5 One Arm Swing
5/5 One Arm High Pull
5/5 Snatch (or Half-Snatch if the drop from overhead is too much)


“Twist Darts”

Levels 2-4
24 Minutes E4MOM (6 rounds)
200 yd Run
8/8 KB Snatches
15 Burpees

L4 – 24/18
L3 – 22/16
L2 – sub 1-arm swings if you can’t snatch

Each round should be close to as fast as possible. You should have AT LEAST 45 seconds rest each interval. If not, cut the burpees down to 10-12 reps (but don’t sandbag it just to do fewer burpees).

Levels 0/1
400 yd Run
10 KB Swings
10 Burpees