Wednesday 1/10/18

Wednesday 1/10/18

Leveled up – Boom!! Congratulations to everyone who leveled up last night. From left to right: Kimberly, your MVMNT Gym manager (yes, she tested!), Lauren, Liz, Frances, Ben, Dean & Clay!!!

Dexa Body Composition Testing – The Dexa Body truck back is at MVMNT Gym on Thursday, January 25th. Appointments available from 8 am to 7 pm. $47 for the GOLD standard in body composition testing. Just show up on an empty stomach in your workout clothes. The scan takes about 10 minutes. Know where you stand to start the year by booking here.

What will you get in the report?

  • Total body fat percentage
  • Total lean percentage
  • Bone Density
  • Muscle Symmetry
  • Regional composition (i.e. How much fat, lean, and bone in arms, legs, trunk, etc)
  • Images of bone, lean, and fat tissue
  • Resting Metabolic Rate

**Note: Your HSA or FSA might cover this expense, so if you’re interested, check with your provider.

Whole Life Challenge – The challenge starts in 10 days. The sooner you sign up, the better prepared you will be. WLC will start sending you prep materials today. If you really want to perform well in the Open or feel confident rolling into bathing suit season, now is the time to make the effort. Join Nicole and Vania and Courtney and Ben and Ivy and the rest of the MVMNT Crew. Sign up here. What’s more awesome?? Each week, we’ll be featuring a coach or a member and their recipes and tips for meal prepping. There’s an entire group of people ready to help the team succeed.

WLC Challengers – Plan to attend the 9:30 am class on Saturday, January 20th. We’ll collect all of your before measurements and you’ll participate in a baseline workout. At the end of the challenge, we’ll redo measurements and you’ll retest your workout to see how much you’ve improved. Data is fun!

1st Annual MVMNT Gym Intramural Open – Speaking of the Open, the first workout will be announced in 42 days. Interested in being nominated as a Team Captain?? Email and let us know how you’ll lead your team to victory.

Run to Sessions
Hip Mobility
Downdog Push-ups


15 Minutes
All Levels
Barbell Snatch Progression

Hold the barbell with a snatch-width hook grip.

Dip + Shrug
Dip + High Pull
Dip + High Pull + Footwork transition

Overhead Squat
Behind the neck Jerk
Snatch Balance
Drop Snatch

Tall Power Snatch
Above the Knee Power Snatch
Power Snatch (from the Floor)

L3/4 – once through with empty bar, then add some weight and do the entire progression again
(like a partner complex with the emphasis on QUALITY)
L2 – start with pvc, then move to empty bar
L0/1 – practice with pvc



E5MOM 25 Minutes (5 Rounds)

Levels 3/4
7/7 Dumbbell Snatches
14 Pull-ups
200 Yd Run

L4 – 50/35, C2B
L3 – 45/30

Level 2
7/7 Kettlebell Snatches
10 Pull-ups
200 Yd Run

Levels 0/1
7/7 1-Hand Swings
14 Ring Rows
200 Yd Run