Tuesday 8/16/16

Tuesday 8/16/16

Bring a Friend – Saturday’s 9:30 am class opens up to all members of the community. Grab a friend, a brother, sister, partner, any ride or die and treat them to a free class. 

Shoulder Extension – If you struggle with basic gymnastics positioning (and most of us do), you may want to consider including some shoulder extension drills in your mobility practice.  Check out Are You Training Shoulder Extension? by gymnasticbodies.com. If you aren’t following them or paying close attention to Coach Sommer, start now. 

Jump Rope 3 Minutes

20-25 minutes
Levels 3/4
20 Weighted Pull-ups
50 Ring Dips
50 Toes to Bar
75 Step-ups R/L

Level 2
30 Pull-ups
50 Box Dips
50 Hanging Leg Lifts (lift to L position)
60 Step-ups R/L

Levels 0/1
50 Ring Rows
40 Box Dips
30 Hanging Knee Tucks
50 Step-ups R/L

“Jah No Partial”

5 Rounds AFAP (12 minute limit)
Levels 3/4
5 Clean and Jerk (shoulder to overhead)
30 Double Unders (L3 – 20)

L4 – 135/95
L3 – 115/75

Level 2
5 Double Kettlebell Push Press
10 Kettlebell Swings
15 Double Unders OR 50 Singles

Level 0/1
5 Single KB Push Press R/L
10 Kettlebell Swings
30 Single Unders

Compare to 1/18/16

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