Tuesday 7/31/18

Tuesday 7/31/18

What I’m Reading: Why Athletes Need a “Quiet Eye”

     And psychological factors are worth emphasising – particularly given that many commentators still focus on physical strength without acknowledging the incredible mental resilience of athletes such as [Serena] Williams.
Williams herself is under no illusions about what is most important.
“I’ve won most of my matches – probably all of my grand slams – because of what’s upstairs, not anything else,” she told Sports Illustrated in 2015. A large part of that may be the kind of calm focus that comes from the quiet eye.
“If you are behind in a game, it’s so important to relax, and that’s what I do – when I’m behind in a game, that’s when I become most relaxed,” she added. “Just focus on one point at a time… just that sole point, and then the next one, and the next one.”

I’m not ever gonna hit a game winning homerun or shoot that half-court buzzer beater, but I do think we could use a little less distraction and a lot more calm in our life. Can you be more focused and “in the flow” at the gym (at your job? in your home?)?

Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

40 yd Waiter Walk R/L
5/5 Halos each direction


30 Minutes E5MOM (6x)
Single Kettlebell Complex
30 seconds each exercise
Switch to the next exercise immediately
Rest 2:00 after each circuit

Russian Step Up Right Leg (hold kettlebell in left hand)
Snatch Left Arm
Russian Step Up Left Leg (hold kb in right hand)
Snatch Right Arm
Mountain Climber Push-up
Squat Jump

L0/1 – can substitute One arm Swings, or High Pulls as necessary