Tuesday 5/15/18

Tuesday 5/15/18

Memorial Day Murph – You’ll be lying in a pool of sweat before you know it. MDM goes down Monday, May 28th, at 10am sharp. This is an all levels “burner.” It’s really long, it’ll be really hot and your goal is to finish around one hour. No really, 60 minutes. As always, there will be ways to modify the workout to make it suck specifically for your level. Unlike the Christmas party or End of the Open BBQ, this is not our favorite event of the year. It’s truly miserable. And we do it. Every year. Without question. You will too. It’s a test of your will and fortitude and an opportunity to pay a little respect to some fallen heroes. We expect everyone who’s in town to show up and contribute to our massive sweat angel.

If you’d like to take it up a level, you can make a small donation in exchange for a good looking MDM 2018 t-shirt @ themurphchallenge.com

Pre-Memorial Day Closure – In order to maximize Murph participation, we’re closing on Sunday, May 27th.

Run to Sessions
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

Review Thruster technique:
(5 minutes light practice)
L 2-4 – Barbell
L 0/1 – Kettlebell


“Isaac Jogues”

Level 3/4
On a running clock, 36 minute limit:

At 0:00
200 yd Run
15 Thrusters

At 12:00
400 yd Run
10 Thrusters (heavier)

At 24:00
800 yd Run
5 Thrusters (heavier)

L4 – M: 95/115/135, W: 65/85/105
L3 – M: 75/95/115, W: 55/75/85

Level 2
36 Minutes E6MOM (6 rounds)

12 Thrusters
400 yd Run

L2 – Double KB (try to do 2x16k/2x12k or heavier if possible), Barbells (M:75+/W:55+) ONLY IF there is enough equipment/space for everyone

Level 0/1

10 Kettlebell Thrusters
400 yd Run
120 seconds Rest

L0/1 – preferably 10 double KB thrusters, or you can do 7 single KB thrusters on each side