Tuesday 10/31/17

Tuesday 10/31/17


Everything is more fun in a costume, so be sure to wear yours to the gym today for our Annual Costume Contest.

Speed Ladder
Hip Mobility
Downdog Push-ups

1/1 Getup
Increase weight each set if possible.


“Candy Apples and Razor Blades”

Your coach will split the class into 2 groups (based on ability): Humans and Zombies

Humans must complete the following:

50 Wall Balls
100 yd Run
20 yd Sled Push (4 plates on both sleds: 180#)

50 Pull-ups
100 yd Run
20 yd Sled Push

50 Box Jumps
100 yd Run
20 yd Sled Push

50 Double Unders (300 Single Unders)
100 yd Run
20 yd Sled Push

Zombies must complete the following:

40 Wall Balls
200 yd Run

40 Ring Rows
(you may break up the reps for these two exercises)
40 Situps
200 yd Run

40 Box Jumps
200 yd Run

150 Single Unders
200 yd Run

The Humans will have a 3 minute head start.
The goal for each Zombie is to overtake a Human.
The goal for each Human is to complete the workout without getting caught.
If a Zombie catches up to a Human, the Human has to do 30 burpees before finishing the workout.
If you are a Zombie and you don’t catch a Human before they are all finished, you have to do 30 burpees at the end of the workout.

A couple of comments:
You must perform the movements to their regular standard; e.g., the Wall Balls need to be a full squat and the ball needs to hit the right height (we had a lot of hungry Zombies rushing through this exercise on Saturday and almost none of their reps were legit).
The Human group has a shorter run but they have sled pushes–and there are only 2 available sleds, so they may have to wait for a sled to open up before moving on.
The substitution for the run is to walk the same distance (you may not use the rower or the bike): if you can’t run and you’re a Human, you’re going to be eaten; if you’re a Zombie you’ll starve.