Thursday 9/6/18

Thursday 9/6/18

Early risers, lunch breakers, late-night exercisers – when is the best time to work out? It’s a debate that never seems to get settled. (Pre-breakfast cardio helps you burn more fat! Early-p.m. exercisers have more power and strength to lift heavier!). But the reality is pretty simple: the best time to work out is whenever you can do it.

Maybe our schedules are jam-packed so we find ourselves not prioritizing the gym. But if you still find time to binge on Netflix or hit the snooze button, maybe your schedule is not so jam-packed … and maybe you can find the time. No one is immune to feeling “meh.” But finding motivation and building discipline to make it to the gym even when you don’t feel like it can break that habit of easily bailing on your fitness time.

Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility


12 Minute Volume Ladder
Starting with 5 Reps, add one rep a minute until you can’t complete the required amount in one minute.
When you can’t get all the reps, keep going with a 5-rep EMOM until the 12:00 is up.

Front Squats
0:00 – 5 Squats
1:00 – 6 Squats
2:00 – 7 Squats

L4 – 95/65
L3 – 75/55
L2 – 65/45 or Kettlebell Goblet Squat 28/20
L0/1 – Goblet Squat

Rest 5 minutes, then:


4x EMOM (20 minutes)
40/20 interval
Kettlebell Around the World
5 yd Sidestep to Run and Cut
Battle Ropes (half-kneeling)
Handstand Wall Walk Up