Thursday 8/23/18

Thursday 8/23/18

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✨TIGHT HIP FLEXORS✨ Ahh the dreaded hip flexors! Everyone complains about them. Do we know what they really are? . 💥ILIACUS: attaches from the top of your leg into your pelvis. Helps with flexion AND external rotation of the hip. As well as bending the trunk to the same side and sitting up from lying down. 💥PSOAS: attaches from the top of your leg into your LOW BACK (which is why it can directly play a role in back pain). It also helps with flexion and external rotation of the hip, as well as bending the low back. 💥RECTUS FEMORIS (quad): attaches from the knee & lower leg all the way up to your pelvis. It works to flex the hip and extend the knee. Three MAIN hip flexors. Some others that help to flex the hip include: • Tensor Fascia Latae (coffee muscles 😜) • Sartorius • Adductor Longus • Gracilis • Portions of the Gluteus Medius & Gluteus Minimus . Thinking that’s a lot of muscles?! 👀 You’re right. Our bodies do NOT move individually or independently. So when addressing how to relieve pain, think of the body as a WHOLE. When wanting to prevent pain, again, think of the body as a WHOLE. How do you do this? Assess & learn! The Mobility Method has a whole self-screening assessment to allow you to learn what is restricted within YOUR body and learn the tools to assess the body as a whole 👌 Click the link in bio to learn more! 👆 @themobilitymethod . Not only are there various muscles that assist in flexion, but often times the hip flexors are actually WEAK 😱 Can they be tight from sitting all day? Or WEAK from be inactive all day?! 🤔 It is important to address BOTH aspect of the hip flexors. Not just in stretching, but in strengthening as well. Try out these exercises and let me know what you think! Looking like @vinnierehab in that standing one 😜👊 #docjenfit #themobilitymethod #move2improve

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If you happen to sit all day,the hip flexors can become weaker and shortened. So we want to stretch them out (and strengthen them!). Behold, here’s a tried and true stretch for your hip flexors. If you have low back pain, this stretch could really help you out over time!

Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility


12 Minute Volume Ladder
Starting with 5 Reps, add one rep a minute until you can’t complete the required amount in one minute.
When you can’t get all the reps, keep going with a 5-rep EMOM until the 12:00 is up.

Front Squats
0:00 – 5 Squats
1:00 – 6 Squats
2:00 – 7 Squats

L4 – 95/65
L3 – 75/55
L2 – 65/45 or Kettlebell Goblet Squat 28/20
L0/1 – Goblet Squat

Rest 5 minutes, then:


4x EMOM (20 minutes)
40/20 interval
Kettlebell Around the World
5 yd Sidestep to Run and Cut
Battle Ropes (half-kneeling)
Handstand Wall Walk Up