Thursday 6/1/17

Thursday 6/1/17

Jump Rope 3 Minutes
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

Barbell Snatch Progression
15 Minutes

All levels will follow the progression as a group the first time through.

L3/4- Once through with an empty bar, then add a little weight and practice Hang Squat Snatch
L2 – Once through with a PVC pipe, then again with an empty bar
L0/1 – Once through with a PVC pipe, then alternate between Turkish getups and sets of 10 heavy swings until time is up


Levels 2-4

“The Big Payback”

24 Minutes E6MOM (4 rounds)

Wall Balls
Double Unders
400 yd Run

L4 – 20 WB, 50 DU
L3 – 15 WB, 30 DU
L2 – 15 WB, 100 SU

You have 6 minutes to complete each round, which means the slowest people should still have WELL OVER a minute rest. Levels 3/4 should try to finish each round in 3 minutes. Pay attention to proper ROM on the wall balls. Run hard on the 400–especially those of you thinking about the Level 3 test.

Level 0/1

4 Rounds AFAP
400 yd Run
15 Wall Balls
100 Single Unders