Thursday 6/7/18

Thursday 6/7/18

Run to Sessions
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups


15 Minutes

Levels 2-4
Clean Progression

10 minutes E2MOM (5 Sets)

2 x [Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Clean] at 80% of 1RM Clean

L3/4 – squat cleans
L2 – power cleans if necessary

Level 0/1

5 Sets
1/2 Getup (up to standing)
3x (same hand)
1 Swing
1 Clean
1 Squat
1 Press
1/2 Getup (down to supine)
Switch hands and repeat



28 Minute limit for all Levels

10x AFAP

Alternate each exercise with your partner:
10 Double Kettlebell Thrusters
10 Burpees
200 yd Run

L4 – 24/16 (should finish in under 22 minutes)
L3 – 22/14 (should finish in under 25 minutes)
L2 – no Rx weight
L1 – sub KB Squats for thrusters

Partner A will do the Thrusters first, then B will do the Burpees, then A will run, when A gets back, B does Thrusters, etc.  So each partner will do 5 total rounds by the end.