Thursday 2/1/18

Thursday 2/1/18

Weightlifting. Sign up. Trust us. 

3….2….1…..GO! (or as John says, “Begin!”) The 2018 Open season is here.

 “1st Annual MVMNT Intramural Open”

5 weeks. 5 workouts. 1 community. (and a giant BBQ in March)

Here’s how it works:

TEAM CAPTAINS – There will be three Intramural Open Teams. They will be headed by Captains which will be announced soon. They will pick team names. Captains will be a group of fun, spirited members that we all enjoy being around, have great attitudes and work hard, not necessarily the traditional top performing athletes. The goal is to inspire everyone to participate and have a good ole time.

DRAFT – Level 4s & select Level 3s will be randomly drafted onto a team to keep it even and fair. Captains will take turns blindly drawing names out of a hat creating the start of their teams.

Immediately following the draft, captains will go to work shamelessly recruiting and courting each and every one of you onto their teams by way of Insta, Facebook, in person, text, snap, wedding proposal, dinner date, etc. You might be hit up by more than one team captain. Choose the funnest team!! We will post the final team rosters on Wednesday, February 21st, the day before the first Open announcement. We reserve the right to make the teams even and fair as necessary.

POINTS – Every single person on each team contributes to the team standings. Herein lies the beauty of the Intramural Open. It doesn’t matter what level you are, how long you’ve been a member, or whether you think you’re ready or not. Every person counts. This make the Open season all inclusive. 

+1 Point – Attendance: Every team member that completes the Open workout (aka comes to class on Fridays….psssh, guess what? The Open workout is the gym’s workout every Friday and will be broken down by level just like you’re used to) each week of the Open during any 6am, 9am, 12:15, 5pm or 6pm class earns one point for their team. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. This goes for Rx AND Scaled competitors of all ages!

+2 Points – Thursday Night Throwdown: First two athletes that volunteer to throwdown on Thursday night earn their team two points. Rx or scaled, teenager or masters, doesn’t matter. Individual athletes may only earn this bonus one time.

+3 Points – Top 3 scoring Male & Female Rx & Scaled (including Masters) team members each earn three points for their team each week.

+5 Points – Spirit of the Open: Each week we will pick one athlete who displays amazing SPIRIT during that week’s workouts. You’ll find this person cheering others on, volunteering to judge others, helping people get prepared, doing something amazing they never thought possible, gaining a new skill, etc etc.

TIEBREAKER – In the event of a tie, a 6th bonus workout will be announced.

Rules are subject to change as we proceed.

Happy Open Season!

Said it before and I’ll say it again….I heart hype videos!!!!

Jump Rope 3 Minutes
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups


Levels 2-4
18 Minutes

3 Deadlifts
Work up to ~85% of your 1RM

Levels 0/1
18 Minutes

5 Double Kettlebell Deadlifts
30 second Downdog Hold

20 Minutes E5MOM

Levels 3/4

First Minute:
Single Leg Squat (start standing on a box, with one leg hanging down off the side as you squat)
30-45 Seconds Right leg
Second Minute:
30-45 Seconds Left leg
Third Minute:
Strict Pull-ups
Fourth Minute:
Strict Dips
Fifth Minute:
~60 Seconds Pike Stretch (hinging at the hips in a deep forward bend with legs fully extended, you can hold a post to assist if necessary)

L4 – 8/5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups, 6/4 Ring Dips
L3 – 5/3 Strict Pull-ups, 4/3 Dips

Levels 0-2

First Minute:
Russian Step Up (one foot stays on the box for the set, the other knee is lifted to parallel without the foot touching the box)
30 Seconds Right leg
Second Minute:
30 Seconds Left leg
Third Minute:
30 Seconds Pull-ups
Fourth Minute:
30 Seconds Box Dips
Fifth Minute:
~60 Seconds Pike Stretch (hinging at the hips in a deep forward bend with legs fully extended, you can hold a post to assist if necessary)

L2 – Weighted Russian Step-up (hold one KB in rack position on same side as foot on box), box dip (between two boxes), assisted pull-ups
L0/1 – Ring Rows or Scap Retractions, box dip (in front of one box)