Saturday 6/17/17

Saturday 6/17/17

Speed Ladder

Kettlebell FLow:
3 rounds (try not to set the bell down at all)
5 One arm swings
3 Snatches
1 Windmill
1 Overhead Squat
1 Reverse Getup
Switch Hands and repeat on the other side



30 Minutes

In three person teams, complete as many reps as possible of the following circuit:
400 Meter Run

Each person will start at a different station and may not switch to another station until the running team member returns. Team score is total number of thrusters and pull-ups for all teammates.

L4 – 95/65, C2B, running splits must be under 2:00
L3 – 85/55, Chin over bar, running splits must be under 2:00
L2 – double kettlebell thrusters, band pull-ups, keep runs under 2:15
L0/1 – single (switch every 5 reps) or double kb thrusters, ring rows or band pull-ups