Monday 7/9/18

Monday 7/9/18

This Saturday, we have the 5 Bar Meet. Please show up to the gym by 8am to weigh in and warm up. Lifting starts at 9am. The 5 Bar Meet is THE time to test current maxes for your lifts.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups


Levels 3/4
(approximately 35-40 minutes)
Snatch Progression, then:

10 Minutes:
3 x 3
Snatch Pull at 115%

15 Minutes:
5 x 2
Snatch (receive the bar overhead in a full squat)
Start at 70% and increase weight each set

Level 2
(approximately 35 minutes)
Snatch Progression, then:

10 Minutes:
Snatch Pull
3 x 3 at 115%

15 Minutes:
Knee Hang Snatch (TRY to receive the bar overhead in a full squat, if you can’t then hang power snatch and ride it down below parallel)
5 x 2 Start at 70% and increase weight each set.

10 Minutes:
Practice Back Squat with 50% of 1RM
Have your training partner monitor your depth and give you commands: “squat” and “rack” to make sure you are following the USAPL standards

Levels 0/1
Two high intensity circuits for you guys today: I want you to go for max reps each 40 second interval (you should get 10-20 reps on most of these exercises). Perform the 4 exercises, rest one minute, and repeat for 3 total rounds. Rest TWO minutes after part A and go right into part B, following the same format.
I would suggest skipping the Conditioning after this and doing the Optional Core circuit instead.

A. 3x
40/20 interval
Battle Ropes
Box Jumps

** REST TWO MINUTES before going on to the next section**

B. 3x
40/20 interval
Right Leg Reverse Lunge (single kettlebell)
Left Leg Reverse Lunge
Ring Rows

Optional Metcon

“Blind Forensics”

Levels 3/4

10 Minutes AMRAP
5 Bar Muscle Ups
20 Alternating Double KB Farmer Lunges

L4 – 2×24/18
L3 – 12×22/16

Levels 0-2

10 Minutes AMRAP
10 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
20 Alternating Lunges

L2 – 2x 20/14, dkb farmer lunges
L0/1 – ring rows, box push-ups, bodyweight lunges

Optional Core

40 yd Waiter Walk R/L
Plank with kettlebell pull-through (10 pulls on each arm)
20 Ball Up Situps
10 SLOW Leg Lowers