Monday 7/23/18

Monday 7/23/18

We are starting a new 4 week program today. This is a kettlebell-focused program, meant to reinforce good technique in the basic 7 exercises (squat, deadlift, press, swing, clean, snatch, and getup) and to experiment with some more unusual lifts (skier swings, dead cleans, rotational movements). Each week there will be 2 “strength” days on which we will superset a lower body lift with an upper body pressing exercise, followed by a 20 minute “fight gone bad” style circuit. On two other days there will be a 30 minute long single kettlebell complex, consisting of 3 minutes of continuous effort with two minutes of rest afterwards. These circuits and complexes should challenge your muscular endurance and push your cardiovascular capacity to the limit. Wednesday will be a brutal barbell-based conditioning workout for higher levels (equally brutal but without the barbell for lower levels). Saturdays will continue to be team/partner workouts.

It’s the dog days of summer. I want you guys to have time to slow down and focus as we move from one part of the workout to the next. The last cycle was extremely demanding in terms of the amount of work I wanted accomplished each session. I’m cutting down the volume of work for these next four weeks, so there will be more time to practice new movements and refine the old ones without feeling pressured to rush through the prescribed sets and reps in time to get to the next thing. The coaches will be leading the warmups and mobility drills, so you don’t get to go on autopilot for the first fifteen minutes of class. Be prepared to pay attention from the very beginning.

Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

40 yd Waiter Walk R/L
5/5 Halos each direction


30 Minutes E5MOM (6x)
Single Kettlebell Complex
30 seconds each exercise
Switch to the next exercise immediately
Rest 2:00 after each circuit

Bulgarian Split Squat Right Leg (hold kettlebell in left hand)
Snatch Left Arm
Bulgarian Split Squat Left Leg (hold kb in right hand)
Snatch Right Arm
Goblet Squat
Crossover Push-up

L0/1 – can substitute regular Split Squats, One arm Swings, or High Pulls as necessary