Monday 7/2/18

Monday 7/2/18

July 4th – 9:30 am only at Larry Bell Park (weather permitting). All other classes are cancelled. As always, please sign up.

MVMNT Liftoff 5 Bar Meet – We hope you’re starting to get into competition prep mode: cleaning up your diet, getting good sleep, etc. Going for 5 new one rep maxes in one day is going to be a test of your skill, strength and mental fortitude. As a reminder, we need volunteers to help us run the meet (changing plates, spotting, judging). If you are planning to lift, please get signed up on Mindbody.

We are less than two weeks out from the Liftoff Meet. This week will be the last week of heavy lifting, next week we will deload to give everyone a chance to put up some big numbers on the 14th.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups


Levels 2-4
(approximately 35-40 minutes)

Power Jerk Progression:
Footwork – dip and jump to power position
Behind the neck Power Jerk
Power Jerk


Split Jerk Progression:
Footwork – dip and jump to split position
Behind the neck Split Jerk
Split Jerk

10 Minutes:
4 x 3
Push Press
Start at 70% (of your max shoulder to overhead) and increase weight each set

10 Minutes:
4 x 2
Sets across, use the same weight you finished with for the Push Press.

15 Minutes:
5 x 3
Overhead Squat
Sets across at 100% of your 1RM Snatch

Levels 0/1
(30 Minutes)

5 Double Kettlebell Seated Press
5 Pull-ups (partner or band assisted — try not to use ring rows if possible)
5 Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
30 Seconds Plank Shoulder Taps

5 Double Kettlebell Squats
10/10 One Arm Rows
5/5 Plyo Step-ups
10 Push-ups


10 Minutes EMOM
15 Swings