Monday 11/6/17

Monday 11/6/17

Shout out to those of you getting out to play the sports you love to play from running to golf to tennis to rugby (Go Woodsy)!!

Hands up if you’re digging this Holiday Damage Control so far!!

November Traditions Coming Up:
Thanksgiving – One workout only @ 9 am. It feels good to move some heavy stuff in front of 10,000 of your closest 5k trotters.
Black Friday – One workout only @ 10 am. Guaranteed to eliminate the T-giving food guilt.

MVMNT Tribe – Be sure to give your high fives to Mark Sauro and Kathy Culbertson as they roll out to Savannah on Thursday for the 2017 American Masters Weightlifting Championship. They have been putting some serious work in at the gym. So send them some strong vibes in person or on social before they hit the platform.

Read – Training Observations: Every Rep Is a Chance To Learn from Brett Jones, Chief SFG at StrongFirst.

After fifteen years of swinging kettlebells, I am still learning. And as professor and physical education expert Dr. Ed Thomas said, “I never went to the gym to work out. I went to learn and the ‘workout’ was incidental.”

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups
20 Alternating Birddogs (hold each rep for one second)

20 Minutes total

Levels 2-4
6 Minutes:
Warmup your back squat: 5 reps each – empty bar, 35%, 45%, 55%
45-60 Samson stretch on each side

at 6:00 on the clock,
12 minutes E3MOM (4 sets – 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00)

9 Back Squats at 65%
40 yd Bear Crawl

Note that the weight should be about the same as last week, but we are increasing by one rep. If it was too heavy last time, either keep the same weight or drop down 5-10#. If it was way too light, you can add 5-10#. The reps are more important than increasing load in this program–get full range of motion, quality reps every set.

Levels 0/1

9 Double Kettlebell Squats
9 Jump Squats
12/12 Side Plank Hip Lifts

9/9 Russian Step Ups (one kb – hold on same side as the leg on the box)
12 Butterfly Situps
30 Sec Reverse Table


“Paradise Papers”

15 Minutes AMRAP

Levels 3/4

Barbell Complex
Alternate with a partner; perform one rep of each movement, switch after the Jerk.
Add 5# after each round; stop adding once you know you won’t be able to complete the complex unbroken or at all.

Snatch Pull (from the floor)
Power Snatch (from the floor)
Hang Squat Snatch (from the knees)
Overhead Squat
Drop Snatch (Jerk the bar up as you drop down into an Overhead Squat position, stand up from the squat and then reset the bar)
Behind the Neck Jerk

L4 – starting weight 95/65
L3 – starting weight 75/55

If at any point you have to break up the complex (because you’re too fatigued or the weight is too heavy), you and your partner owe a 10 burpee penalty before continuing.
Once you reach the limit of your ability, stick with that weight and continue for the remainder of the 15 minutes.

Levels 0-2/em>

Single Kettlebell Complex
Alternate with a partner; perform the entire sequence on one side, then do the other side, then switch with your partner.

Push Press
Overhead Squat (if you don’t have the shoulder mobility/stability to perform this movement safely, do a Thruster instead)
Front Squat

If at any point you have to break up the complex (because you’re too fatigued or the weight is too heavy), you and your partner owe a 10 burpee penalty before continuing.