Friday 9/22/17

Friday 9/22/17

A straight wrist is crucial to a safe and successful get-up. Consider a boxer throwing a punch with a bent wrist. Ridiculous, right?—Because it is a very weak and vulnerable position. Thanks to SFG Team Leader Lauren Pak at @achievefitnessboston for the appropriately sad-faced photo compare. ;] (They have a ton of great technique posts there, so check them out.) . Hyperextending the wrist under the load of the kettlebell is not only bad for the wrist, but can make it far more difficult to keep the elbow locked and shoulder securely connected in its socket—both of which are crucial safety rules. A straight wrist will also allow you to grip the kettlebell *tighter*. Many studies have shown a correlation between grip strength and rotator cuff activation, which stabilizes the shoulder. Since we need the shoulder to stabilize throughout the TGU, a stronger grip is optimal. (Absolutely NO open hands on the get-up.) . Keep your wrists straight and strong—in all kettlebell lifts: get-ups, cleans, and presses. The pressure of the kettlebell on your arm may be uncomfortable at first, but for most people, you will grow used to it. We recommend gripping the pinky-side of the kettlebell handle for your presses and get-ups—it may be more comfortable, and easier to keep the wrist perfectly straight. . Make sure your wrist is set in an optimal position from the start, so you’re not trying to fix it halfway through the lift. As always, a strong setup will help you maintain proper positioning throughout. Power to you! #kettlebell #getup #StrongFirstTechnique #StrongFirst

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30 Days Out – The Tactical Strength Challenge will be here before you know it! If you haven’t signed up or aren’t sure if you can do it…..sign up. You can do it. This is a great test of strength and endurance for all levels. If you’d like to participate just for funsy (not pay the registration fee) and not compete worldwide, just let Ivy, Mario or Kimberly know to expect you on October 21st.

October Gymnastics – 4 sessions of skills and drills to apply to everything you do in the gym (and maybe get your first muscle up!!) Sign up at the front desk or online.

Happy 30th Birthday goes out to Coach and Doctor Dave Bell!!!!

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups

Level 0/1
10 Swings
1/1 Getup

30 minute limit

Levels 3/4

1 x 5 with empty bar
1 x 5 at 30%
1 x 5 at 40%
1 x 3 at 50%
1 x 3 at 65%
5 x 3 at 75%

Level 2

1 x 5 with empty bar
1 x 5 at 30%
1 x 5 at 40%
1 x 5 at 50%
2 x 3 at 65%
3 x 3 at 75%

Level 0/1

5 Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift (hold for 2 full seconds at lockout)
5/5 Single Kettlebell High Pull
10 Box Jumps
30 second Reverse Table
30/30 Hip Flexor Stretch


Sled Push
Hanging Leg Raise

L4 – after each Sled Push, 5 Strict HLR then 5 Kipping Toes to Bar (without coming off the bar for all 10 reps)
L3 – 10 Unbroken T2B or K2E
L2 – 10 Hanging Leg Raise/Knee Tuck
L0/1 – 10 Hanging Knee Tuck