Friday 9/7/18

Friday 9/7/18

Friday Fun: In Marseille, it’s a tradition to let a fan take the ceremonial pre-match kick-off. This kid made the most of it.

Jump Rope 3 minutes
Instructor Mobility

10 minutes
Single Arm Kettlebell Cross-body Cast Clean
Sets of 5/5

20 minutes

Levels 2-4
Work up to a heavy set of 3

You should do about 5 sets in that time period, starting at about 50% of your 1RM and working up. Your last set should be challenging but doable–you should have one rep in the tank.

Levels 0/1
E4MOM (~5 sets but take your time!)
Do not rush the movements, focus on quality. Start light and add weight on the deadlifts.

5 Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift
10 Alternating T-Pushups
Hip Bridge Complex R/L (hold each position for 5 seconds)


20yd Heavy Sled Push
Max Reps Pull-ups*

*Strict dead-hang pull-ups are preferred–if you kip, do 3 burpees for every kipped rep before your next sled push

If you are still working toward your first strict pull-up, it’s a great time to practice (negatives, partner assisted, flexed arm /chin-over-bar holds). DO NOT USE BANDS.