Friday 12/29/17

Friday 12/29/17

Jump Rope 3 minutes
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups
20 Alternating Birddogs (hold each rep for one second)
10 Russian Babymakers
10 Hawaiian Squats per leg (hold on to the pull-up rig or a box if necessary for balance)

Kettlebell Warmup:
5/5 Halos
40 Yd Waiter Walk R/L


“Filthy Fifty (Dirty Thirty)”

Box Jumps
Jumping Pull-ups
Kettlebell Swings
Walking Lunges
Knees to Elbows/Toes to Bar
Push Presses
Good Mornings
Wall Balls
Double Unders

L4 – 50 reps each, 32/24 kb, can sub GHD Back Extensions for Good Mornings with coach’s permission
L3 – 50 reps, as rx
L0-2 – 30 reps if necessary, butterfly situps instead of K2E/T2B, 200 single unders