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Warmup Jump rope 500 revolutions 3 rounds PVC drills 10 Dislocates 5 Windmills each direction 10 overhead squats 5 pullups Strength 5x3 push press Conditioning 5 rounds - steady, not for time 30 step ups 10 empty bar overhead squats 30 sec pigeon stretch both...

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Warmup 5x increase weight each round 20 yard Waiter walk R hand 5 air squats 20 yard Waiter walk L hand 5 pushups PVC dislocates/windmills Strength 5x 3 The Exercise: Power snatch + overhead squat (find 3-rep max) Conditioning "Randy" 75 Power snatches (use 60% of...

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Warmup 3x 1 Rope Climb 20 hardstyle kettlebell swings 1 minute birddogs Conditioning 20 minutes AMRAP 40 yard burpee broad jump 40 yard farmer carry

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Warmup 500M row Heavy Turkish Getups Strength Partner workout, one person works while the other rests: 8x Barbell complex 3x Deadlift 3x Bent over Row 3x Power clean 3x Push press 3x Front Squat **Penalty for dropping bar during complex is 10 burpees per offense,...

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Warmup swing-step lunges side plank/pushup complex pvc dislocates Skill Spend 90 seconds in a handstand or handstand progression, in as few attempts as possible Strength 5/3/1 Deload week 3x5 Bench (40/50/60% 1RM) Conditioning 10 minutes AMRAP, with partner (I go/You...

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Warmup 2 minutes jump rope 3 sets: 3R/3L windmills 3 sets: 3R/3L 1/2 Getups 10x Getup/windmill Strength 5/3/1 Deload week 3x5 Deadlift (40/50/60% 1RM) Conditioning 10 Rounds 100M sprint 10 box jumps rest 1...

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08janalldayNew You Challenge Interviews Going On Now!Free introductory session with our coaches!(All Day) MVMNTEvent Type:New You Challenge,Nutrition Challenge

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20jan9:30 am10:30 amWhole Life Challenge Baseline Workout & Measurements9:30 am - 10:30 am MVMNTEvent Type:Nutrition Challenge

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25jan7:00 am7:00 pmDEXA Body Composition Scanning7:00 am - 7:00 pm

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